All Things Must Come To An End

Saturday, January 31, 2009

So i'm back,back to boot camp,back to eatin less,back to school,and back to clean air.I just arrived a few hours ago,unpacked my bag,wanted to kill my laptop n wireless,sick and now blogging.

Anyway i had a great 2 months holiday(of course i wanted to stay forever),went for camps,ate all the food i love,shopped for new clothes but most of all got to hang out with my family and friends(missing u guys already).

When i arived at Malaysia,i was almost immediately invovled in the church.I helped with church Christmas decor(i helped paint the scrolls),church camp and then with Ah Mings choice(make up).Man was i busy, but i loved it better than stayin in the house on the computer.There was the Isca Awards too(where i wore a dress).

Soon after that it was Christmas, not forgetting the Carolling by Candlelight on Christmas Eve.My cousins came down to Penang and had Christmas dinner.Then it was the new year,with watchnight and the next day Worship Camp.It was awesome,had loads of fun(wish it was longer) and of course noise with our instruments.Was a great camp.There was Thern's farewell n his sending off somewhere along the way.Had a few CG gatherings too.

Had a one week break from event,so i went shoppin wif my mum.Then off to Vietnam with my dad(which i'll blog about it more later).Straight after that we headed of to KL for CNY.When for visitations,reunion dinners and hanging out wif my cuzs.loved every moment.

Came back 2 days before my flight off.Went for lunch wif my family and had a stayover the night before i left.and now i'm here back in NZ.I miss everyone back home so much.I guess the like the saying goes, you never know how much something means to you until it's true.

I start school'll upload some pics of my holiday back home next time.cya guys online!