First Day of School

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So yesterday was the 1st day of school.the excitement in me...not that i hate school or anything, it's just that i went to school at an age where everyone has their own clicks already.So during breaks you'll see this lonely asian girl walking the corridors of Long Bay i meet someone i know.

Anyway,first day,i started on a Tuedays but i thought it was a Monday(cos u know after the hols u get a lil mixed up),so i went to my Monday period one class and it was empty except for the teacher.I looked at her,she looked at me and then so she said "Don't worry you're not the 1st one."lol.the teachers are cool there.

So then I headed to my Tuesday 1st period class which was math but it was lower math which i shouldn't be in anymore cause i was shifted to higher math.i also got back the same teacher as i had last year,so when he saw me he was like "Chloe?".And i was like "Yeah i know I have to go see the dean to change my timetable."But he told me to sit in first anyway.I happily sat down(i wish i still had him as my math teacher not that the one i have are bad or anytin).

After the period ended,I headed straight down to the auditorium(all the deans were there) to change my timetable.I told the dean that I already was allowed last year to change class and I got all the required signatured.Unfortunately they must have lost it.ugh.So the dean ask me to get the signature of the Head of the Math Departments signature again.I went to his class and the were a bunch of teenagers around him for the same reason.He said "Come to me during 6th period,I'm free then".I was like "WHAT!" Thats the last period if u didn't know.Anyway what could I do so I went back to the auditorium and waited for the morning tea bell to ring.

Next was English,I got back the same teacher too which I don't mind.He smiled broadly when he saw me and then i managed to get back the same spot I sat last year.My teacher said to me "Old habits die hard aye."lol nice guy.He's quite a buff guy cause he coaches rugby.

Then I went down to the tech block for photography.And guess what, he wasn't there,he was sick.So we sat there the whole period waiting for lunch break.Fun....he was back today anyway,happy as guy.

Period 5 was Chemistry.I was hoping so badly to get the same teacher I had last year.She was a very good teacher strict but i like her sarcastic humour(guess reminds me of instead I got a Scottish guy for my teacher.Not that he's bad or anything but i'm used to her teaching style and I like it.The first time he spoke I was like "What??" OMG it's going to be a long year.I could really understand him with his accent but i'm getting used to it.He also has sarcastic humor.I'm beginning to think all science teachers have

But i guess i can't say that cause period 6 was Biology.And I think this the only teacher I prefer over my last year's one.And she's not she's a very sweet teacher.Oh wait I didn't attend this class.haha.I went to see the Head of Department.but i know she's like that cause I joined the last few minutes of her class.Anyway I went to see him,and of course I wasn't the only one.Everyone had to sit down and wait for their turn.I was like the third in there but I only went up as the 6th or 7th person cause some people don't really care.They take advantage of asians sometimes.Back to point,I managed to get his signature went back to the dean n settled everything for the year.phew.

That was practically my first day.Boring but hectic.The teachers in Long Bay are cool.Some look really strict but once you get to know them.They fun and cool.I think the only students that don't like these teachers are those who don't study of pay attention and get on their nervous.oh well i'll end it here for now.happy reading this long