In my Photography Class....

Friday, September 25, 2009

These are photos of my photography class:

This is my closest friend in school,Renee

This is what we do in class,that we take photos and stick them our portfolio.

Those pictures up there belong to this girl, Alexander (she's British..hehe)

This is Tasmine and Daniel

Daniel again..

This is Maria, she's Russian
Yes that's me on the left,and my teacher Mr.Bellham on the right (he looks a bit fat in this pic)
Ok, this is juz a random video of my chemistry classroom

And this is my field,we were watching a rugby match, that's why there are so many people

4th finger longer than 2nd?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I got these text from BBC News and ABC Science:

Hold up your right hand and have a look at your second or index finger - the one that you point with. Then compare it to your fourth finger - the one next to the little finger. Here's the big question - which finger is longer, the fourth finger or the second finger?
Here's the deal for men. If the fourth finger of your right hand is longer than your second finger, then you are probably a super spunk, a stud-muffin, a testosterone tiger.
On average, you (with the longer fourth finger) will have a higher sperm count, a higher level of testosterone, and a lower incidence of germ cell failure -where you have a zero or very low sperm count. You'll probably be good fatherhood material.
But for women, it's the other way around. Women who had a fourth finger shorter than their second finger would have higher levels of various female hormones such as oestrogen, prolactin and luteinising hormone.

A King's College London team found women whose ring finger is longer than their index finger are more likely to achieve higher levels in sport.The researchers found women with longer fourth fingers were significantly more likely to be among the top achievers in all the sports listed. In particular, they were likely to excel at running, and sports such as football and tennis, which require running prowess.

Guess which of my fingers are I read this i was like, so that's why...and i was lol-ing away.So basicly if you're a girl n your 4th finger is longer than your second finger, you've got a bit more testosterone than the average girl.hahaha.I guess maybe that why i'm such a tomboy!Just a thought.