I Passed!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Haha just like Rachel Yeoh I passed my driving test!woohoo!! I was a nervous wreck,at one point of the test I was quite sure I failed but nope.I just soooo happy!!I haven't been that nervous since...i don't know when.A horrible feeling.

So now I've got my restricted which means,I can only drive between 5am and 10pm and I cannot take passengers unless there's a person with a full license(and holding it for at least for 2 years) beside me.ugh!And guess how long I need to hold my restricted for before I can take my full?1 and a half years!Is that long or what??

Oh well I'm juz glad I passed!cya!watch out for chloe on the road,cos i'm a wild driver :P

Transformers 2:Revenge of the Fallen

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just let me start with, "Freaking Awesome!"..lol.well i watch transformers yesterday, the day it came out.My cuz and I were thinking of going to the premier at midnight but decided not too.oh well. Warning spoiler ahead!

This show is longer the first one about 2hr and 20 min.The graphics were as good as the first one, i mean come on, who can top transformers. I loved the comedy between the parents and the robots. I think this one is funnier than the first one. There are also bigger robots called the constructercon (i think this is how u spell it), where normal transformers join to together to make a huge as robot. Boys you can definately look forward to megan hot..oops i mean megan fox..lol.First scene was like her on a motorcycle, *whistles*. There's a new character, i guess he's suppose to be annoyin,cos he was.but all good. I actually expected Hot Rod(the Prime after Optimus) to appear because I thought Optimus was going to die in this movie. Oh and I thought the Fallen was the decepticons that came back but wasn't.It was an older decepticon, which was Megatrons master. So ok.Shia Lebouf (forgot how to spell his name), is not bad lookin I guess, but definately Mr.Duhamel was.haha.But Shia was great,funny, and akward with the ladies.The character I hated the most was,the girl decepticon.The one that was trying to kill Sam.Ugh she is so annoyin.Our all so favourite autobots were back. Bumblebee was so cute,he's like a pet dog to the Whitwickys. Though in this show the aubots hardly had a role, the main autobots were Optimus and the 2 new crazy bots (the twins).Micheal Bay did say that this show is about the decepticons anyway.Like Revenge of the Sith, I'll laugh if the third movie is called Return of the Autobots cos that'll be jus sad.

Which show do I prefer?I like them both equally, or maybe cos I watched the first one to many times.haha.But yeah the second one probably has better scenes but has more loopholes.I definately wanna watch again, cos half way through the show I needed to go pee.Which was annoyin.lol.Oh and there was this annoyin kids sittin like 2 one seat away from me,commeting the whole way.ugh!and he took of his smelly shoes.bleh.

So go watch it people!!!Though if you're reading this to the end I would expect you to already have watched it.ciao guys!

The Life of a Piece of Trash

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I was walking down the road to do my photography project, when I suddenly was interested on the rubbish on the ground. So I began takin pictures of trash while walking back home and this is what I got.

Quite an interesting bunch of photos I must say. Especially since I was interested in taking it at the same level as the piece of trash, thus my title. I guess you could look at it this way, look how lonely the piece of trash is by itself. Pick it up and let it join its friends in the rubbish bin :)

I might continue this project later on..cya


Friday, June 19, 2009

So the other day I woke up and guess what I saw?The car was covered in ice. I checked the temperature, 2 degrees celcius.phew cold as.
These are not water droplets, they are ice pieces.
Cool ice patterns though.

Happy Birthday Von!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

That's right, it's my other besties birthday!And she's officially 18!It's none other than Yvonne Yeoh! I was joking with her about what she was going to do for her 18th birthday, and i said drinking.LOL.i'm joking ok! *whistles* but she told me that she's going on a date with wilson and benice so I guess that's cool too.hehe

So this post is dedicated to you von.I've known her for like....forever.And she is such a great friend that words cannot describe it. There are so many things I admire about her:

1.Her strong and confidant attitude. She's always determined and a perfectionist. I doubt anyone can break her.

2.She's creative. Put up your hand if you've receive a card or a bookmark from yvonne.I bet almost everyone can.She can constantly make stuff out of of scrap paper and for her birthday she always wants art materials.

3.She's thoughtful. She's one of the most sensitive girls I know, you can see her comforting others when they're down and not afraid to lend a shoulder or shed a tear.

4.She's strong in the Lord.Another person that keeps me in check, no fooling around her.hehe.but it's always for the best of that person.

5.She also loves me for who I am. Just like Benice she puts up with me and my antics. So thankful for that!

I remember the time when von and I were juniors in isca at the old church building.After ISCA we would walk to maxims (and not join the others at Fatty Lohs lol) and eat there.Just the two of us.We've done so many things together,camps,hiking,studyin(I think we did.lol),and of course hanging out.And even though we've been through some hardship in our relationship, we've have managed to get past through it.I'm so thankful for this gal, I'm so blessed to have a loyal friend that sometimes I don't think I deserve. Though I'm not the experessive type, she always knows that I love her.So von continue to rock for Jesus and Happy Birthday!Love you lots!

A note she gave to me before I left.Cool eh von.hehe

Tennis Coaching

Friday, June 5, 2009

So these are a few pictures from tennis club while I was coaching.I know it's a bit late but I can only upload pictures when my cousins are not busy on the computer.hehe.anyway I'm not in any of these photos but these are the kids I coached.

My coach (the guy on the right)
Line upGame of catchRackets

The Birthday Girl, Benice!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Yes!!Guess who's birthday it is?It's my best friend's birthday!It's none other than Benice Malini. I used to think Benice's surname was Samarserena, a combination of her dad's and mum's name.LOL.Well at first glance it looked like that.haha.

Anyway, she's 19 this year, you are still a teen dear (nine-teen)lol.This girl is like one of the greatest thing that has happened in my life. God is soooo good.Sometimes I feel like, do I deserve such a friend.Hopefully I'm as a good a friend as she is to me. Things I love about her:

1. She's funny!I mean everyone knows that.Benice is funny, that's why people like to be around her.

2.She knows me and what I don't like.Even though she does try to force me to do stuff i don't like. Like wearing a dress..etc..lol

3.She's understanding.I think that's why people love her, cos she's not judgemental. She knows when to talk and when to listen. And that's why I love to talk to her!

4.She's strong in the Lord. She is one of the few people that keep me in the right track and encourages me. It's great to have Christian besties.

5.She loves me for who I am.She knows how I'm like, and I'm surprise she can put up with me (though she is surprise i can put up with her).lol.She accepts me for who I am.

We've been friends for like ages,since we were babies but not besties. That happened while we were growing up and is still going on. I'm so blessed to have her as my best friend. Of course we had our ups and downs but we manage to pull thru. She's the person I share personal stuff with and talk to when I'm feeling down. I feel free to tell her these things because she knows me.She's also like the only person that still calls me cute, though I'm quite sure she is refering to my personality not my looks.LOL. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BE!I hope u had a great day and I hope this post made you smile.

My 2 besties : Von and Be