Transformers 2:Revenge of the Fallen

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just let me start with, "Freaking Awesome!" i watch transformers yesterday, the day it came out.My cuz and I were thinking of going to the premier at midnight but decided not too.oh well. Warning spoiler ahead!

This show is longer the first one about 2hr and 20 min.The graphics were as good as the first one, i mean come on, who can top transformers. I loved the comedy between the parents and the robots. I think this one is funnier than the first one. There are also bigger robots called the constructercon (i think this is how u spell it), where normal transformers join to together to make a huge as robot. Boys you can definately look forward to megan hot..oops i mean megan scene was like her on a motorcycle, *whistles*. There's a new character, i guess he's suppose to be annoyin,cos he was.but all good. I actually expected Hot Rod(the Prime after Optimus) to appear because I thought Optimus was going to die in this movie. Oh and I thought the Fallen was the decepticons that came back but wasn't.It was an older decepticon, which was Megatrons master. So ok.Shia Lebouf (forgot how to spell his name), is not bad lookin I guess, but definately Mr.Duhamel was.haha.But Shia was great,funny, and akward with the ladies.The character I hated the most was,the girl decepticon.The one that was trying to kill Sam.Ugh she is so annoyin.Our all so favourite autobots were back. Bumblebee was so cute,he's like a pet dog to the Whitwickys. Though in this show the aubots hardly had a role, the main autobots were Optimus and the 2 new crazy bots (the twins).Micheal Bay did say that this show is about the decepticons anyway.Like Revenge of the Sith, I'll laugh if the third movie is called Return of the Autobots cos that'll be jus sad.

Which show do I prefer?I like them both equally, or maybe cos I watched the first one to many times.haha.But yeah the second one probably has better scenes but has more loopholes.I definately wanna watch again, cos half way through the show I needed to go pee.Which was and there was this annoyin kids sittin like 2 one seat away from me,commeting the whole way.ugh!and he took of his smelly shoes.bleh.

So go watch it people!!!Though if you're reading this to the end I would expect you to already have watched it.ciao guys!