Thursday, February 26, 2009

So what's been going on Chloe's life?lol

Well what else..school lo..hehe..but i'm no longer sitting by myself anymore!yipee!lol i sound pathetic don't I.Year 13 is killing me,compared to last year i would say last year was a breeze.I'm already stressed with the workload even though it's only the first few weeks.

I've got Photography research.
I've got English research.
I've got Biology workbook and a progress test tmr.
I've got Calculus assignment to do.
I've got Stats workbook and an assessment next week.

The only subjsct i don't have homework for now is chemistry but even then it's hard as. I don't take study so I have to do hw at home and I play tennis every other day(yes i know,slow down on tennis...NO!). I also have to lead cg next week, which i'm quite nervous, haven't actually got time to see the word.breath chloe breath.

In english we're reading this novel titled "Fight Club".There's like heaps of sexual references in there, and quite graphic too.gosh.talk about studying text. I'm thinking of taking scholarship photography and maybe chem but lookin at my situation I think i'll reconsider.lol.

Oh and I'm into "The Script"!They totally rock man!I love their songs.AND OH!AMERICAN IDOL!LOL.yes it's back and yes i'm followin it.It's like the only show I follow and I do it online.hmm i shud blog about it one of these days.hehe.

What else having I been doing?Well with school,tennis,cell group and think that's enough for now.lol.I can't wait for the weekend!sleep!ok back to hw...

Creative Writing

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Well I just had to produce a piece of creative writing recently. The theme was called "Chapter 1", that means we had to write a chapter one of a book. You could choose your story to be of any genre, sci-fi,western,crime,romance,fantasy,etc...Well I think mine is the most random of the lot.lol. I just wrote while I thought and this is what came out.

The Keys were always known to be impulsive, crazy, adventurous and sometimes even weird. The family consisted of a middle-aged dad who used to be a hippie, a mum who was in a rock band, two boys, a little girl, their grandmother who was always on the rocking chair sleeping and their long floppy eared dog who had a thing for ties.

You should have seen their house, it looked like a wreck. Some say lightning struck it more than once. No doubt they were poor but neither did they care, their famous line, “What’s not broken can’t be fixed.” Sometimes it would seem that Mrs. Keys was reliving her teenage days with the amount of noise coming out of the house and sometimes it would seem that Mr. Keys was giving his kids meditation classes from his hippie days. You could never tell what would happen next in that household.

Mr. Keys worked as a real estate agent and didn’t earn as much as the average Joe. He was six feet tall, had long blonde hair, a little chubbier than what he used to be and a piercing on his left ear. Sometimes he sounded like a beauty pageant, the way he talked about world peace and how he wanted to help the world. Mrs. Keys was almost the opposite, she had short black hair, both ears pierced including the nose, maintained her slim figure and loved metal. She has mellowed down a little since she met Mr. Keys and became a mother, but she was still a rocker at heart.

Their oldest son Falcon, named after Mrs. Keys’ band, was a bit like both of his parents. He was wild, but not too wild to put it simply. He was 13 years old, well built from the tennis he played, pierced ears and a long blonde fringe that almost covered his left eye. He loved to read, write, play his electric guitar and his hobby was collecting guitar picks. Daryl was the second oldest, named after Mr. Keys favourite baseball player and probably the wildest of the lot. He was 10 years old, had spiky black hair, a piercing on his right ear and the rebel of the house. He played the drums and had a great interest in tattoos. If you were to ask him what he wanted to be when he grows up, he would answer, “I want to be like the guy at the tattoo parlour!” He got his first tattoo on his 9th birthday and it wrote “KEYS”. Sometimes he was a bit of a zoosadist, he would take bugs and pull of their antennas and wings just for the fun of it. His dad would have gone ballistic if he ever found out.

Last but not least was little Viv, short for Vivian. She was like her dad, usually quiet, a nature lover and loved bright coloured dresses. Her family nicknamed her “Miss Sunshine” as there was hardly a frown on her face. At just 7 years old, she was as matured as a 15 year old girl. Sometimes she would tell people how to live their life and not know what she was saying. Daryl just thinks she reads too much. All three of them were homeschooled, as Mr. and Mrs. Keys believed that it was their responsibility for their children’s education. Since they were poor, they could not afford to send grandma to an Old Folks Home, so she had to stay with them. Mr. Dibs, their dog, came to be in their household when he was hit by a car and they cared for him.

A normal day at the Keys’ house started of with Mr. Dibs barking his head off, waking the entire household like a rooster in the morning. Well it wasn’t early in the morning, more like early afternoon. Mr. Keys would be rushing down the stair, sometimes even roll down, trying to get his tie from playful Mr. Dibs. He was always late for work; it’s a wonder why he isn’t fired. Mrs. Keys would be frantically making breakfast and screaming for the kids to wake up. Falcon as usual would be taking his time to wake up, dragging his feet with his eyelids half closed and then dunking his head into the basin. Ignoring his mum’s screaming and Mr. Dibs barking, Daryl would continue sleeping, dreaming of drums and tattoos. Little Viv would be already awake since Mr. Dibs’ alarm call. She would go to the bathroom, freshen up and change into one of her bright coloured frocks.

After they were done with breakfast, Mrs. Keys would assign them school work to do, even though half the time it never gets done. During any break time, the kids would be running around the house or doing something really crazy. Sometimes they were quietly plotting an evil scheme or sometimes they would dress up like red Indians and make heaps of noise in the garden. When do they make the most noise you wonder? Band practice. Mrs. Keys would gather her kids, turn on the amps and they would have a jamming session. You could imagine the scene, Falcon on his electric, Daryl on the drums, Mrs. Keys on either the keyboard or another electric and little Viv on the vocals. You could see the house vibrate and music resonating out from the house. It was probably the highlight of the day, with the neighbours not approving of it too much.

By the time Mr. Keys came home, the house would be twice the mess as when he left. Mrs. Keys would be cooking dinner while the kids would do whatever they wanted. They would sometimes go to the playground and take Mr. Dibs for a walk or play in the fields with their friends. Yes, they did have friends. When it came dinner time, Mr. Keys would gather them, say a short prayer and they would eat as one big happy family. Jokes, laughter, exchange of news and definitely noise were brought to the dinner table. At nightfall, the kids would be in their room doing work or gathered around the family TV watching their favourite sitcom. By 10 o’clock Mrs. Keys would ask the kids to go to bed, but of course with a bit of fuss from them. When they were in bed finally, Mr. and Mrs. Keys would snuggle together and enjoy each others company.

It looked like everything was going fine. Though the family had quirks, they loved each other and had a strong family bond. But everything was about to change and it started with Mr. Keys becoming very ill.

Shadow of the Day

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Well I posted this on my Facebook but I decided to try again on my blog just for the fun of it.hehe.

1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Tag 10 friends
5. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing.
6. Have Fun!

Better Than Life-Hillsong (lol yeah)

Inconsolable-Backstreet Boys (Heartbroken again!gosh..)

Lips of An Angel-Hinder (WHOAH!)

Five Minutes to Midnight-Boys Like Girls (OMG it seriously is 5 min to midnight!)

Damaged-Danity Kane (um not very sure about this..)

Tattoo-Jordin Sparks (ooooooooo..hehe)

Happy Birthday-Click 5 (thank u! lol)

Easy-Paula Deanda (yeah i was an easy child)

Face Down-Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (lol)

WHAT IS 2 + 2?
Never Too Late-Three Days Grace (random)

Superman-Five for Fighting (hahah so they r,superwomen to b precise)

Elevator-Timbaland (yes it has been an elevator ride)

It Ends Tonight-All American Rejects (lol looks like it ends here,so there's no growing up)

When I'm Gone-Simple Plan (what is he thinking when i'm gone)

The Motivation Proclamation-Good Charlotte (hahah)

Glorified-Parachute Band (sounds self indulgent lol)

Gotta Be Somebody-Nickleback (i love to impersonate ppl)

Signal Fire-Snow Patrol (no idea)

Someday-Nickleback (yes someday i'll tell u :P)

It's Not Over-Jesse McCartney (i don't want it to be over!)

Smack That-Akon (LOLOLOL)

Shadow of the Day-Linkin Park

Walking In Memphis-Marc Cohn

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I love this song!A classic!

Put on my blue suede shoes and I boarded the plane
Touched down in the land of the Delta Blue
In the middle of the pouring rain
W C Handy, won't you look down over me?
Yeah, I got a first class ticket
But I'm as blue as a boy can be...

Then I'm walking in Memphis,
I was walking with my feet ten feet off Beale,
Walking in Memphis,
But do I really feel the way I feel?

Saw the ghost of Elvis on Union avenue,
Followed him up to the gates of Graceland
Then I watched him walk right through
Now, security they did not see him
They just hovered around his tomb.
But there's a pretty little thing waiting for the King
Down in the jungle room

They've got gospel in the air
And Reverend Green be glad to see you
When you haven't got a prayer
But boy you got a prayer in Memphis...

Now, Muriel plays piano every friday at the Hollywood
And they brought me down to see her
And they asked me if I would
Do a little number
And I sang with all my might
She said "Tell me, are you a Christian, child?"
And I said "Ma'am, I am tonight."

Put on my blue suede shoes and I boarded the plane
Touched down in the land of the Delta Blues
In the middle of the pouring rain
Touched down in the land of the Delta Blues
In the middle of the pouring rain


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Last sunday I went to Motat .What is that you ask?Well is an airplane and train museum.But before we went there we had a stroll in Auckland city.And of course I had my camera.lol Auckland's famous landmark.Sky Tower!
Tourist taking pictures. While we walking down the street, we saw some shooting goin on.Film shootin i mean.
Anyway we finally went to the museum.And of course what did you expect,but lots of planes and trains n vehicles.I won't post all the pics here but u can go to my facebook and check them all out.http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?v=feed&id=715904961#/photos.php?id=715904961

One of the many airplanes.

Fake soldiers.lol.

One of the rides they had there.

We sat on a steam train too.
They had a "mini village"

Sat on a tramp too.

That was the conductor I think.

They had some random stuff too.Like this mirror maze.

This mirror distorts your reflection.Honestly I can't tell the diff.lol

The group that went plus a few soldiers.

Remember you can view all the pic on my facebook.ciao!

Valentines Days in my School

Friday, February 13, 2009

I was sitting next 2 girls the other and then I heard one of the say, "I hate Valentines day!" and the friend asked her why. She said, " It only reminds me of how single I am!"

Well it Valentines Day does remind me of how single I am but I'm not complaining. Of course everyone wants to be loved and love some in the same way but at my age, I've still got time.Anyway Valentines Day falls on a weekend so our school celebrated it today. We had the usual selling and giving away of roses, till almost half the school was holding a rose. A person holding a rose didn't mean they had a boyfriend but sometimes it was just from their best friend. I don't think boys give their best friends roses.lol.Not exactly the guy thing to do.

But this year they had something different, the head boy,head girl and the prefects decided to have a cupids pen. The head boy,head girl and some of the prefects dressed up as cupids and stood in there. The boys wore a sheet and were half-naked with wings!gosh.well the girls wore white short dresses with wings.Their job, serenade your loved ones.lol.You had to pay $2 and then your loved one (and you) would go inside and they would sing for you. It was so funny and ridiculous.One teacher even paid them to serenade his wife.He's a sporting teaching I have to say.

This is the teacher and his wife being serenaded.

The next picture is one of the cupids singing to his girlfriend.After that they kissed for so long!with the whole school watching.lol

This is juz a random one.

lol.so yeah it's quite crazy sometimes in my school but I have to say it puts some excitment in it.Seeing this I'm sure most of you would know that PDA(public display of affection) is not uncommon.From 14 to 18 ,from kissing to holding hands, that's what you get over here in the Western world.sry that the pics are blur took it with my camera phone and had to zoom.



Thursday, February 12, 2009

I realize that it's harder to fit into a girls' group then a guys' group sometimes, even though i'm a girl. I think girls can be more judgemental than guys. They can be meaner like in the movie "Mean Girls" and those popular girl groups like the "Plastics"lol.I suppose that's how you get the word "bitch"(excuse my language). Guys are more flexible I guess, more accepting.

Girls normally have best friends and have a tighter clique than guys. Girls probably always want to have the same people for the rest of their lives and don't want people to butt into their group."So not cool."lol.They're like a team but i think closer than that. I guess that's where our weakness lies too.There such a strong trust that once it's broken, it takes ages to fix it or maybe even never.Boys are more lenient, probably get over fights faster or forget about it.Girls can be worse, some might act like "bitches" to the ones they don't like(even though the were best friends).

From experience I can understand.We grew up together, we formed this bond since young. You just don't want another stranger in your group. It makes things akward.But somtimes you have to move out of your comfort zones to make people feel accepted,especially we as Christians.It's not only hard for us but also for them.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

So what did I do during my first weekend back here(it was also a 3 day weekend)?Well i mainly watched TV,play gin rummy(a card game),online and played my guitar.I also went out with my 2 of my Malaysian friends on Sunday to the movies which was practically deserted.We watched bride wars which was quite a boring show.I expected more from it,but what am I saying,it's a chick flick...

Anyway I mainly spent my time watching this TV series called 'Taken'.My cousins had the whole series and it only consist of 10 episodes each about 45 to an hr long.It was done in 2002.It is about being abducted by aliens(a movie i'm sure Tom Cruise would love).It's a sci-fi romance movie.Here's a summary:
Taken spans five decades and four generations, centering on three families: the Keys, Crawfords, and Clarkes. World War II veteran Russell Keys is plagued by nightmares of his abduction by aliens during the war; the Roswell incident transforms Owen Crawford from ambitious Air Force captain to evil shadow government conspirator; the unhappily married Sally Clarke is impregnated by an alien visitor. As the decades go by, the heirs of each are affected by the machinations of the aliens, culminating with the birth of Allie Keys, who is the final product of the aliens' experimentation and holds the key to their future. ~Internet Movie Database
The Keys,the family which the aliens are most interested in because if their strong physical and mental traits.Being abducted seems to be hereditary as the aliens abduct both the parent and child(always the father and son,for a reason).
The Crawfords,the family which are from the government and their job is to try and understand what the aliens are doing.They don't get abducted but have seen them themselves,so now they are trying to hunt down the Keys and Clarkes.They have to do this all in secret as the government requires them to.

The Clarkes,the family in which carries the alien gene.

The movie starts of with these 3 families not conscious of one another but slowly these families' lives were intertwined.Sally Clarkes gives birth to a half alien son(Jacob) which has special power of the alien race.He could see into the future,he could levitate stuff and he could bring back memories of people.But he was weak physicaly.He got bullied in school and soon got sent to a special school.Along the way he gets kidnapped by Owen Crawford but instead Owen got a shock of his life after Jacob showed him one of his powers.This is when the Clarkes meet the Crawfords.His daughter(Lisa) didn't seem to have these traits,she was just a carrier.She had a daughter Ally but she didn't know who the father was.

Owen Crawford was an ambitious man that would do anything to get what he wanted.He married his wife because he just wanted her dad's job.He was a womanizer and was willing anybody.He ended up killing his wife and one of his assistance.While on his job he met Jacob Clarke and was shaken from that meeting as Jacob let him see the future,that includes his death.He has 2 kids Eric the older boy and the Sam younger.Owen loved Sam more than Eric,so in the end Eric was always trying to get his father's attention and became jealous of his brother.Also making him hate his father.Eric became like his dad,lust for power,but Sam grew up as the exact opposite.During the movie Sam had to save a hybrid(half human,half alien) in a burning house,Eric tried to stop him but he didn't actually care.He saw the building burn down with his brother.When he told his dad about his brother's death,the dad had a shock n a stroke which killed him.It was then that Eric knew why his father didn't like him,as a kid he loved to scare his dad but what Owen saw in Jacob's was him dying from shock n a stroke eventually.Eric saw his dad die right in front of him but didn't do anything.Soon he had a child of his own,a baby girl and he named her Mary.We jump ahead a little and Mary is grown up,her idol was her grandfather.She wanted to be like her grandfather and like her father she wanted her father's praise.She grew up to be the most evil Crawford,killing anyone who came in her way.She killed her father and boyfriend in cold blood because they were interfering with her work.
Russel Keys an airpilot during WW2.While he was flying he was abducted by the alien,him and his whole team.When he got back to earth,he couldn't remember anything but he began to hav nightmares of aliens taking him.Soon he became so scared that he needed to find out what was happening.He went to look for his team and found out that they all had died,all except his co-pilot,so he went to see him.His co-pilot was in a hospital,weak and fragile,and didn't have long to live.He explained to Russel what happened and that he had fought back with the aliens and save the whole crew.He wonder why he hadn't died and then he realize why they kept taking him.He was stronger then others thats why the aliens took interest in him.When someone was abducted by the aliens,the aliens would put something into their brain,a tracking devise.Soon the aliens became more interested in his son Jesse and he would be taken frequently.The father and soon couldn't stand being taken anymore so they went to the government and met Owen Crawford there.They took interest and especially the tracking device.Russel sacrificed himself to them but told Owen that he had to let his son go.They did surgery on him n took out the devise but it in turned made everyone in the room crazy and they all killed each other.Owen wasn't in the room but he watched from a far.Being the man that he is,he locked Jesse in a bomb shelter and left him there.From then on Jesse hated the aliens,he always thought of them as guardian angels but now they let his dad die.The aliens did come n save him but he wasn't grateful.After he was back on earth,he started on drugs and tried to kill himself a few times by goin to war in Vietnam.Each time he got saved.Soon his body couldn't take it and he went to the hospital whre he met his wife and changed his life.He too had a son,Charlie,which was also an abductee.With the government and alien after he became crazy and no longer could be around his wife and son.Knowing that the government was after her son,they had to move around often.Charlie hated the aliens too after that.
Charlie and Lisa met at a meeting where people who were abducted talked about their experience.Actually this is not the first time they met,the first time they met was in an alien spaceship where Lisa was inpregnated by Charlie but they can't remember.Ally was the product of this.This was the intention of the aliens to bring a child with their power and was strong enough to live until a certain age.That was why the Clarkes and the Keys were chosen.John(the great grandfather of Ally) came back at almost the end of the show.He told them why the aliens did all this,the aliens were an evolution of humans but along the way lost the abillity to have emotions and feelings.They wanted to understand humans and get our traits back.In the end the aliens realized what they did and regrtted for making the Clarkes and Keys life difficult.Ally had to go back with them or else she would be constantly hunted down on earth.She knew one day she would come back.
Overall i think the movie was great,it wasn't just bout being abducted by aliens but it showed the love for one another the Clarkes had for each other, the strength in the Keys and the sins of the father goin down to their children in the Crawford.I would have to say it was quite a sad story,with the Keys being tormented,the Clarkes seperated, and the Crawfords killing each other.One more reason to watch some of the actors n actresses are eye candy.lol.check it out.

Dakoto Fanning as Ally Keys(the little girl on the left)

Emily Burgl as Lisa Clarke(Ally's mum)

Adam Kaufman as Charlie Keys(Ally's dad)

Anton Yelchin as Jacob Clarke(Jacob as a young boy)

Desmond Herrington as Jesse Clarke(Father of Charlie Clarke)

Eric Close as John(the alien who falls in love with Sally Clarke)

So not too bad eh.haha.Way better than Bride Wars.I don't know if you can still can get this series but it's something worth watching.cya

The Food In Vietnam

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Back to Vietnam.I shall speak a little about the food here,but first of all,the food rocks!lol.I have to say I really do like the food.Well on the first night I was there I ate the famous beef noodles.Ok so the bowl is empty.lol.i forgot to take a picture before i ate it.but oh well,all u guys need to know is that is was delicious.hehe.The Vietnamese like to drink tea and eat raw vege.Their tea is different from our here,i didn't really like.well in the 1st place i don't like tea or coffee.lol. The next night a friend brought us out to eat banh xeo(i think it's pronounced ban xiong).It's something like a friend pancake with lots of prawns,beansprout and oil.lol.It was really crunchy and tasty.You have to cut it up and then put it into a lettuce(or a lettuce like vege)and then wrap it up and eat it.Looks good eh.

Vietnam is also special for their spring rolls(someting like our poh piah),they have 2 kinds to fried and the raw.I prefer the fried one.hehe.

Another thing they like here is fish oil.They almost have it all the time.I must say it taste good but i doubt it's very healthy.lol. For dessert I had jelly,which was superb too.They had coconut,coffee and pandan flavour I think.Loved it.
Something else you must also try in Vietnam is there fruit shakes.They're like fantastic.It's like a shake with milk.Really nice to drink on a hot day.


Then there's Vietnam's famous tea.Not sure why it's famous.lol.But they serve you the tea in a cup but with a strainer on top.I guess thats why it's special.haha.

On the last night I ate rice with dishes,you know like the normal chinese dinner.The dishes were goooooood.Very nice.Unfortunately i don't have any pics of it cause my camera ran out of battery.lol.

Anyway overall the food was awesome.I really liked it,that was my second favourite thing out of the whole trip.Riding the bike was my most favourite part.haha.I blog about the people n the place more next time yeah.cya!

First Day of School

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So yesterday was the 1st day of school.the excitement in me...not that i hate school or anything, it's just that i went to school at an age where everyone has their own clicks already.So during breaks you'll see this lonely asian girl walking the corridors of Long Bay College..lol..until i meet someone i know.

Anyway,first day,i started on a Tuedays but i thought it was a Monday(cos u know after the hols u get a lil mixed up),so i went to my Monday period one class and it was empty except for the teacher.I looked at her,she looked at me and then so she said "Don't worry you're not the 1st one."lol.the teachers are cool there.

So then I headed to my Tuesday 1st period class which was math but it was lower math which i shouldn't be in anymore cause i was shifted to higher math.i also got back the same teacher as i had last year,so when he saw me he was like "Chloe?".And i was like "Yeah i know I have to go see the dean to change my timetable."But he told me to sit in first anyway.I happily sat down(i wish i still had him as my math teacher not that the one i have are bad or anytin).

After the period ended,I headed straight down to the auditorium(all the deans were there) to change my timetable.I told the dean that I already was allowed last year to change class and I got all the required signatured.Unfortunately they must have lost it.ugh.So the dean ask me to get the signature of the Head of the Math Departments signature again.I went to his class and the were a bunch of teenagers around him for the same reason.He said "Come to me during 6th period,I'm free then".I was like "WHAT!" Thats the last period if u didn't know.Anyway what could I do so I went back to the auditorium and waited for the morning tea bell to ring.

Next was English,I got back the same teacher too which I don't mind.He smiled broadly when he saw me and then i managed to get back the same spot I sat last year.My teacher said to me "Old habits die hard aye."lol nice guy.He's quite a buff guy cause he coaches rugby.

Then I went down to the tech block for photography.And guess what, he wasn't there,he was sick.So we sat there the whole period waiting for lunch break.Fun....he was back today anyway,happy as ever..lol.fun guy.

Period 5 was Chemistry.I was hoping so badly to get the same teacher I had last year.She was a very good teacher strict but i like her sarcastic humour(guess reminds me of myself..lol).But instead I got a Scottish guy for my teacher.Not that he's bad or anything but i'm used to her teaching style and I like it.The first time he spoke I was like "What??" OMG it's going to be a long year.I could really understand him with his accent but i'm getting used to it.He also has sarcastic humor.I'm beginning to think all science teachers have it.lol.

But i guess i can't say that cause period 6 was Biology.And I think this the only teacher I prefer over my last year's one.And she's not sarcastic.lol.Anyway she's a very sweet teacher.Oh wait I didn't attend this class.haha.I went to see the Head of Department.but i know she's like that cause I joined the last few minutes of her class.Anyway I went to see him,and of course I wasn't the only one.Everyone had to sit down and wait for their turn.I was like the third in there but I only went up as the 6th or 7th person cause some people don't really care.They take advantage of asians sometimes.Back to point,I managed to get his signature went back to the dean n settled everything for the year.phew.

That was practically my first day.Boring but hectic.The teachers in Long Bay are cool.Some look really strict but once you get to know them.They fun and cool.I think the only students that don't like these teachers are those who don't study of pay attention and get on their nervous.oh well i'll end it here for now.happy reading this long one.lol

My Holiday Pics

Monday, February 2, 2009

This was taken at Church camp.The girls room.
Camp again.
Taken during the first few days I was here.Hung out with my besties at Gurney.
CLEY Bbq at Thern's house with gift exchange.
ISCA Awards!

The 3 of us again.
Christmas Party at my house with my cousins from KL and the Leongs.mmm...Marshmallows
Thern's Farewell Party

Thern's last CG in our house

Christmas Eve:Carolling By Candlelight

This was after we went for the MPO(Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestre).They played the soundtrack from Lord of the Rings.

CNY!!Yee sang!

Our Traditional gambling after reunion.lol.sshhhh...

Bowling with my cousins.
And of course spending time with my lil sis!