Valentines Days in my School

Friday, February 13, 2009

I was sitting next 2 girls the other and then I heard one of the say, "I hate Valentines day!" and the friend asked her why. She said, " It only reminds me of how single I am!"

Well it Valentines Day does remind me of how single I am but I'm not complaining. Of course everyone wants to be loved and love some in the same way but at my age, I've still got time.Anyway Valentines Day falls on a weekend so our school celebrated it today. We had the usual selling and giving away of roses, till almost half the school was holding a rose. A person holding a rose didn't mean they had a boyfriend but sometimes it was just from their best friend. I don't think boys give their best friends exactly the guy thing to do.

But this year they had something different, the head boy,head girl and the prefects decided to have a cupids pen. The head boy,head girl and some of the prefects dressed up as cupids and stood in there. The boys wore a sheet and were half-naked with wings!gosh.well the girls wore white short dresses with wings.Their job, serenade your loved had to pay $2 and then your loved one (and you) would go inside and they would sing for you. It was so funny and ridiculous.One teacher even paid them to serenade his wife.He's a sporting teaching I have to say.

This is the teacher and his wife being serenaded.

The next picture is one of the cupids singing to his girlfriend.After that they kissed for so long!with the whole school

This is juz a random one. yeah it's quite crazy sometimes in my school but I have to say it puts some excitment in it.Seeing this I'm sure most of you would know that PDA(public display of affection) is not uncommon.From 14 to 18 ,from kissing to holding hands, that's what you get over here in the Western world.sry that the pics are blur took it with my camera phone and had to zoom.