Sunday, February 8, 2009

So what did I do during my first weekend back here(it was also a 3 day weekend)?Well i mainly watched TV,play gin rummy(a card game),online and played my guitar.I also went out with my 2 of my Malaysian friends on Sunday to the movies which was practically deserted.We watched bride wars which was quite a boring show.I expected more from it,but what am I saying,it's a chick flick...

Anyway I mainly spent my time watching this TV series called 'Taken'.My cousins had the whole series and it only consist of 10 episodes each about 45 to an hr long.It was done in 2002.It is about being abducted by aliens(a movie i'm sure Tom Cruise would love).It's a sci-fi romance movie.Here's a summary:
Taken spans five decades and four generations, centering on three families: the Keys, Crawfords, and Clarkes. World War II veteran Russell Keys is plagued by nightmares of his abduction by aliens during the war; the Roswell incident transforms Owen Crawford from ambitious Air Force captain to evil shadow government conspirator; the unhappily married Sally Clarke is impregnated by an alien visitor. As the decades go by, the heirs of each are affected by the machinations of the aliens, culminating with the birth of Allie Keys, who is the final product of the aliens' experimentation and holds the key to their future. ~Internet Movie Database
The Keys,the family which the aliens are most interested in because if their strong physical and mental traits.Being abducted seems to be hereditary as the aliens abduct both the parent and child(always the father and son,for a reason).
The Crawfords,the family which are from the government and their job is to try and understand what the aliens are doing.They don't get abducted but have seen them themselves,so now they are trying to hunt down the Keys and Clarkes.They have to do this all in secret as the government requires them to.

The Clarkes,the family in which carries the alien gene.

The movie starts of with these 3 families not conscious of one another but slowly these families' lives were intertwined.Sally Clarkes gives birth to a half alien son(Jacob) which has special power of the alien race.He could see into the future,he could levitate stuff and he could bring back memories of people.But he was weak physicaly.He got bullied in school and soon got sent to a special school.Along the way he gets kidnapped by Owen Crawford but instead Owen got a shock of his life after Jacob showed him one of his powers.This is when the Clarkes meet the Crawfords.His daughter(Lisa) didn't seem to have these traits,she was just a carrier.She had a daughter Ally but she didn't know who the father was.

Owen Crawford was an ambitious man that would do anything to get what he wanted.He married his wife because he just wanted her dad's job.He was a womanizer and was willing anybody.He ended up killing his wife and one of his assistance.While on his job he met Jacob Clarke and was shaken from that meeting as Jacob let him see the future,that includes his death.He has 2 kids Eric the older boy and the Sam younger.Owen loved Sam more than Eric,so in the end Eric was always trying to get his father's attention and became jealous of his brother.Also making him hate his father.Eric became like his dad,lust for power,but Sam grew up as the exact opposite.During the movie Sam had to save a hybrid(half human,half alien) in a burning house,Eric tried to stop him but he didn't actually care.He saw the building burn down with his brother.When he told his dad about his brother's death,the dad had a shock n a stroke which killed him.It was then that Eric knew why his father didn't like him,as a kid he loved to scare his dad but what Owen saw in Jacob's was him dying from shock n a stroke eventually.Eric saw his dad die right in front of him but didn't do anything.Soon he had a child of his own,a baby girl and he named her Mary.We jump ahead a little and Mary is grown up,her idol was her grandfather.She wanted to be like her grandfather and like her father she wanted her father's praise.She grew up to be the most evil Crawford,killing anyone who came in her way.She killed her father and boyfriend in cold blood because they were interfering with her work.
Russel Keys an airpilot during WW2.While he was flying he was abducted by the alien,him and his whole team.When he got back to earth,he couldn't remember anything but he began to hav nightmares of aliens taking him.Soon he became so scared that he needed to find out what was happening.He went to look for his team and found out that they all had died,all except his co-pilot,so he went to see him.His co-pilot was in a hospital,weak and fragile,and didn't have long to live.He explained to Russel what happened and that he had fought back with the aliens and save the whole crew.He wonder why he hadn't died and then he realize why they kept taking him.He was stronger then others thats why the aliens took interest in him.When someone was abducted by the aliens,the aliens would put something into their brain,a tracking devise.Soon the aliens became more interested in his son Jesse and he would be taken frequently.The father and soon couldn't stand being taken anymore so they went to the government and met Owen Crawford there.They took interest and especially the tracking device.Russel sacrificed himself to them but told Owen that he had to let his son go.They did surgery on him n took out the devise but it in turned made everyone in the room crazy and they all killed each other.Owen wasn't in the room but he watched from a far.Being the man that he is,he locked Jesse in a bomb shelter and left him there.From then on Jesse hated the aliens,he always thought of them as guardian angels but now they let his dad die.The aliens did come n save him but he wasn't grateful.After he was back on earth,he started on drugs and tried to kill himself a few times by goin to war in Vietnam.Each time he got saved.Soon his body couldn't take it and he went to the hospital whre he met his wife and changed his life.He too had a son,Charlie,which was also an abductee.With the government and alien after he became crazy and no longer could be around his wife and son.Knowing that the government was after her son,they had to move around often.Charlie hated the aliens too after that.
Charlie and Lisa met at a meeting where people who were abducted talked about their experience.Actually this is not the first time they met,the first time they met was in an alien spaceship where Lisa was inpregnated by Charlie but they can't remember.Ally was the product of this.This was the intention of the aliens to bring a child with their power and was strong enough to live until a certain age.That was why the Clarkes and the Keys were chosen.John(the great grandfather of Ally) came back at almost the end of the show.He told them why the aliens did all this,the aliens were an evolution of humans but along the way lost the abillity to have emotions and feelings.They wanted to understand humans and get our traits back.In the end the aliens realized what they did and regrtted for making the Clarkes and Keys life difficult.Ally had to go back with them or else she would be constantly hunted down on earth.She knew one day she would come back.
Overall i think the movie was great,it wasn't just bout being abducted by aliens but it showed the love for one another the Clarkes had for each other, the strength in the Keys and the sins of the father goin down to their children in the Crawford.I would have to say it was quite a sad story,with the Keys being tormented,the Clarkes seperated, and the Crawfords killing each other.One more reason to watch some of the actors n actresses are eye candy.lol.check it out.

Dakoto Fanning as Ally Keys(the little girl on the left)

Emily Burgl as Lisa Clarke(Ally's mum)

Adam Kaufman as Charlie Keys(Ally's dad)

Anton Yelchin as Jacob Clarke(Jacob as a young boy)

Desmond Herrington as Jesse Clarke(Father of Charlie Clarke)

Eric Close as John(the alien who falls in love with Sally Clarke)

So not too bad eh.haha.Way better than Bride Wars.I don't know if you can still can get this series but it's something worth watching.cya