Thursday, February 12, 2009

I realize that it's harder to fit into a girls' group then a guys' group sometimes, even though i'm a girl. I think girls can be more judgemental than guys. They can be meaner like in the movie "Mean Girls" and those popular girl groups like the "Plastics"lol.I suppose that's how you get the word "bitch"(excuse my language). Guys are more flexible I guess, more accepting.

Girls normally have best friends and have a tighter clique than guys. Girls probably always want to have the same people for the rest of their lives and don't want people to butt into their group."So not cool."lol.They're like a team but i think closer than that. I guess that's where our weakness lies too.There such a strong trust that once it's broken, it takes ages to fix it or maybe even never.Boys are more lenient, probably get over fights faster or forget about it.Girls can be worse, some might act like "bitches" to the ones they don't like(even though the were best friends).

From experience I can understand.We grew up together, we formed this bond since young. You just don't want another stranger in your group. It makes things akward.But somtimes you have to move out of your comfort zones to make people feel accepted,especially we as Christians.It's not only hard for us but also for them.