Thursday, February 26, 2009

So what's been going on Chloe's life?lol

Well what else..school lo..hehe..but i'm no longer sitting by myself anymore!yipee!lol i sound pathetic don't I.Year 13 is killing me,compared to last year i would say last year was a breeze.I'm already stressed with the workload even though it's only the first few weeks.

I've got Photography research.
I've got English research.
I've got Biology workbook and a progress test tmr.
I've got Calculus assignment to do.
I've got Stats workbook and an assessment next week.

The only subjsct i don't have homework for now is chemistry but even then it's hard as. I don't take study so I have to do hw at home and I play tennis every other day(yes i know,slow down on tennis...NO!). I also have to lead cg next week, which i'm quite nervous, haven't actually got time to see the word.breath chloe breath.

In english we're reading this novel titled "Fight Club".There's like heaps of sexual references in there, and quite graphic too.gosh.talk about studying text. I'm thinking of taking scholarship photography and maybe chem but lookin at my situation I think i'll reconsider.lol.

Oh and I'm into "The Script"!They totally rock man!I love their songs.AND OH!AMERICAN IDOL!LOL.yes it's back and yes i'm followin it.It's like the only show I follow and I do it online.hmm i shud blog about it one of these days.hehe.

What else having I been doing?Well with school,tennis,cell group and think that's enough for now.lol.I can't wait for the weekend!sleep!ok back to hw...