The Food In Vietnam

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Back to Vietnam.I shall speak a little about the food here,but first of all,the food rocks!lol.I have to say I really do like the food.Well on the first night I was there I ate the famous beef noodles.Ok so the bowl is forgot to take a picture before i ate it.but oh well,all u guys need to know is that is was delicious.hehe.The Vietnamese like to drink tea and eat raw vege.Their tea is different from our here,i didn't really like.well in the 1st place i don't like tea or The next night a friend brought us out to eat banh xeo(i think it's pronounced ban xiong).It's something like a friend pancake with lots of prawns,beansprout and was really crunchy and tasty.You have to cut it up and then put it into a lettuce(or a lettuce like vege)and then wrap it up and eat it.Looks good eh.

Vietnam is also special for their spring rolls(someting like our poh piah),they have 2 kinds to fried and the raw.I prefer the fried one.hehe.

Another thing they like here is fish oil.They almost have it all the time.I must say it taste good but i doubt it's very For dessert I had jelly,which was superb too.They had coconut,coffee and pandan flavour I think.Loved it.
Something else you must also try in Vietnam is there fruit shakes.They're like fantastic.It's like a shake with milk.Really nice to drink on a hot day.


Then there's Vietnam's famous tea.Not sure why it's they serve you the tea in a cup but with a strainer on top.I guess thats why it's special.haha.

On the last night I ate rice with dishes,you know like the normal chinese dinner.The dishes were goooooood.Very nice.Unfortunately i don't have any pics of it cause my camera ran out of

Anyway overall the food was awesome.I really liked it,that was my second favourite thing out of the whole trip.Riding the bike was my most favourite part.haha.I blog about the people n the place more next time yeah.cya!