Piercings and Tattoos

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Haha, I know what you guys must be thinking but no, I do NOT have any of them.Yes not even on my ears, I think it surprises some people that I don't even have the normal ear piercings.

But if I were to have a piercing, it would not be on the normal place on the ear but rather on the top.Like this one:

Lol..My dad would probably kill me if I didn't die from the pain first.haha.Yeah I think it's one of the most painful parts to pierce, but if I did pierce it would be there.

And same with the tattoos, if they didn't hurt I might have one already.So I'm kinda thankful they do hurt.lol.But if I were to get a tattoo, it would be the inside of my arm.hehe.Again my dad would kill me.

Anyway that's all I wanted to blog for today.Just thought I would blog about it.Ciao!

Bye Bye Holidays, Hello School...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Yes today was my first day back at good ol' school,or should I omit the good.Yeah I don't really mind school here,I just mind the assignments and research, but hey what's school without those!

Ok, so what did I do during the hols.....Basicly summerised in 3 words: Computer,Tennis,Life Group.Just what I planned..lol.Anyway I did manage to make a few bucks from coaching the Tennis Holiday Porgrams,but I wish I could have earned more >.> I had a BBQ and a potluck for my cell group, which was great, we also had games night on both occasions. My computer life....well if you're online you would know...Oh and twlight too....oh n i remembered,a tiny incy weeny bit of studying.I did do all that I needed to do, but nothing more than that.Ain't I a good student, I know..lol

Anyway I already have homework from the first day of school, how cool is that!And you know what, when I had my English class today, we were suppose to pass up our holiday essay and when I went to pass up mine my teacher said "I knew you did yours!".Yes, I did feel like a nerd.I wonder what he would be thinking if I didn't pass it up.Probably go hysterical,"OH NO CHLOE DIDN'T DO HER HW!" Almost half the class didn't do it,uh huh...my teacher knows too well...I should become a rebel and see what happens.lol.I got to meet up with m friends again and eat from the tuck shop..which i know is not news worthy but I just though I tell.My photography made tea for us today(he's English) and like only 3 people drank and he was like "And I made the effoet to make some for u lot." haha..he's cool...oh just for your infomation, I don't drink tea or coffee.Give me coke any day, I'll settle for it.hehe

Calculus was fine, got my brain working again...Stats was just as boring as ever...Biology was ok i guess, I was hoping to get my topic test results back...Chemistry was relaxing, cause my teacher is lax anyway..just the way I like it :P

Anyway that's it for now, no more com games back to work!

Club Champs

Friday, April 24, 2009

I've got a tennis competition but I can hear the howling wind outside.Doesn't sound like good weather for tomorrow.I really hope it'll be good weather, I really wanna play and meet up with my friends.



Tuesday, April 21, 2009

*Girls start to scream*

Yes, I read the international best seller Twilight.I know some girls who are crazy about the Twilight series so i decided to read it,also because I haven't read a book since who knows when.lol.Oh and like I mentioned in my previous post,this is probably the first romance novel I'm reading.To me romance novels are pretty much cliche,the relationship between the boy and the girl.Where else can it go,twilight on the other hand is a vampire love story,now that might be a bit more interestin.Also there's action in it too.hehe.

Anyway when i read the book I realized why girls fell head over heels for this book,Edward Cullen *girls start to go crazy,foam in the mouth then faint*.Yes I have to admit, he must be drop dead gorgeous.The way he is described he must have the face of an angle and a body of a super model.*whistles*.Not only that, he's a gentleman, a really handsome gentleman.Yes i also am falling for him but not as much as some people i know.ehem.I mean he is the DREAM GUY,who in the right mind would not like this out of this world person.What is I really like about Edward is his protectiveness and romaticness.lol.I'm no romantic person,but a romantic person like him,gah!super sweet!Oh one thing I don't like about Edward is that,he is cold,physically cold.I don't think I would want my boyfriend the hav the texture of a marble statue.Imagine hugging a cold and hard figure.bleh.All I can say Bella is one really lucky girl.But then that's why i don't really fancy romance novel,it's like a fairytale ending isn't it.More fiction than fiction.Every girls dream,but not real.Reading these kinda books make you realize that happy endings are somtimes not attainable.

Ok now i shall comment on the movie.I didn't watch the whole movie,just the beginning and some of the interestin parts.Major let down for me I think.

First of all,the thing i hate the most about the movie, Bella Swan.GAH!Please help me, and change the girl.For goodness sake,I think children can act better than her.No emotions,no nothing.Second,Robert Pattinson,um not exactly the Edward Cullen I had imagine.Ok i can kinda see why he was casted.He looks like vampire,has an angular face,naturally pale,flawless skin and great body.I think he has a nice body but the face isn't exactly attractive.He isn't as romantic in the movie as in the book,which was a bit dissapointing.The relationship between Bella and Edward in the movie isn't really convicing I think.Doesn't do the book justice.The person I like the most in the movie is Alice!I think she looks really pretty and sweet at the same time.Kinda how i imagine her.My favourite character in the movie.

Anyway,I have started reading the 2nd book,New Moon, which is depressing already in the beginning.Edward leaves her...how nice...so much for "they will live happily ever after".lol.but i know the ending so.hehe.When you read these kinda books, you wish so hard (especially a girl) to have your relationship just like that. I suppose it would be like that when u meet Mr. Right, until then I guess we just have to keep hoping for a guy like Edward Cullen.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

As I was walking down to my tennis club I was thinking about, my parents at home moving house. I realized that the house at Pinhorn Road now belongs to someone else,it's empty waiting for it's next owner to occupy it.I'm really going to miss that house, it's probably the house I remember the most, cause the other houses I was to young to remember much.I'm going to miss my neighbour huey yuen,probably the best neighbour ever..hehe.All the memories I had in that house,the rabbits i used to have and also Cody my dog.I hate change, I really do,but change has to happen.change.

Change is something that happens spontaneously, it happens when you expect it and sometimes when you wish it never happened.I realized coming here to NZ was a huge change,but i was looking forward to that change and I kinda wanna it to stay like this.I really do like my life in NZ now but I defiantely wish my parents were here.I don't really any changes now.Even the seasons, I wish it was summer or spring all year round,but everyone knows that winter will come and so will autumn. The trees will tell even if u didn't wanna admit it. It's something you can't control.change.

I also thought about growing older, i'll be 20 next year.yes i know quick eh.It freaks me out but again it's something you can't do anything about it. i wish I could stay 18 forever or never grow old.you think and wonder what you would be like in 20 years time and then you realize I might be married and have kids.yikes again.then you don't wanna think about it.i hate change.another change that has happen to me is that i'm reading twilight now.haha,yes i am.and guess what it is probably the first romance novel i'm reading ever.i've always been reading comedy,adventure and mystery.i guess i thought that romance stories only went one way, boy like girl,girl like boy.Also when I read these kinda things i realized that this doesn't happen in the real world,maybe that's why i don't fancy romance novels.it's more fiction than fiction.change.

As you grow up the guy that you had a crush on also probably changed.I mean unless you and with him now,you probably change crush.you wouldn't wanna crush on a guy until he's married and still have a crush on him.we probably start of going crazy about guys with cute faces,love at first sight, and then there's a phase where girls would fight over celebrities even though we know we'll never get them.but as you grow older you realized that there are guys around you that might be the one,maybe the one across your house or the one you sit next to in uni.it becomes more down to earth rather than puppy love.we all go through that phase but things change and this one for the better too.lol.change.

When my sister came, i wasn't very excited I can tell you that.i was shocked,what were my parents thinking, i thought it was just goin to be daryl and i forever.I can tell you the first year or more wasn't the greatest year.Erinn needed attention and that meant drop what your doing and go play with her.i told my mum maybe you had Erinn at the wrong time, I need to study to make sure I got into colllege and Erinn wasn't making it easy.But you ask me know, i guess i don't regret it :P.change.

One of the major changes I see, are my friends.Do your friends change as you grow older and even more your best friends.You think about BFF(best friends forever),at that point you think that you got it,we're going to be tight for life. But moving to NZ made me realize that maybe just ,maybe things aren't going to be tight forever. I don't want my friendship to change, something you take ages to build and to give it up like that, i guess it's not worth it.But it's hard to keep in touch and sometimes I don't feel like putting in the effort.I don't want change but i also don't know what to do.When your young, you think the world revolves around you and then as you grow older you realizes life isn't going to be a bed of roses.people will do whatever they need to do to get to the top.You look around and you see how much the world change,little kids wearing designer clothes or talking about the lattest fashion,something that i don't change.lol.my clothes probably will stay the same forever.Kids using technology like they were born learning how to use in the their mom's womb.Technology gets smarter while we the people probably will get dumber (like in the show wall-e).change.

i don't like change, I wish time would stop but it wouldn't.change is necessary but doesn't mean I have to like it.you can keep wishing but nothing is going to happen.The road is long and arduous but there's a light at the end,it's whether or not we want to see it.Change.

HOLIDAYS!!!...but cold...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yes you said it,it's the long awaited holidays!sry i haven't been blogging but now i'm a bit more free yeah!but yes it's freakin cold,it was so cold today i thought it was snowing while i was showerin.lol.so cold that i can't feel my racket when i play tennis at night.hate that the most.what do u need when you play tennis?your hands!but they're frozen!..so yeah...

anyway back to my hols...first things first.tmr,don't wake me up till 12pm not sure about sleepin late tonight but definately not waking up early!no way!that's the first thing i will do.then i'll think about what i'll do next lol..well i definately will be tryin to play loads of tennis but in the MORNING!hehehe..i also hope to help out in the tennis holiday program like i did last year,but it kinda looks bleak this year.not alot of students so maybe my teacher won't need my help after all..sigh..looks like no money this holiday..hahah..eh i'm not doing it for the money ahh...lol

i'll probably be online alot too,not like i'm not on a school day..lol..but of course i've got work lah.not all fun and games.i have science,english,and photography research.an english essay, a little bit of calculus homework...bleh...

anyway that's all for now..i'll cya ya around.WOOHOO!