Bye Bye Holidays, Hello School...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Yes today was my first day back at good ol' school,or should I omit the good.Yeah I don't really mind school here,I just mind the assignments and research, but hey what's school without those!

Ok, so what did I do during the hols.....Basicly summerised in 3 words: Computer,Tennis,Life Group.Just what I I did manage to make a few bucks from coaching the Tennis Holiday Porgrams,but I wish I could have earned more >.> I had a BBQ and a potluck for my cell group, which was great, we also had games night on both occasions. My computer life....well if you're online you would know...Oh and twlight too....oh n i remembered,a tiny incy weeny bit of studying.I did do all that I needed to do, but nothing more than that.Ain't I a good student, I

Anyway I already have homework from the first day of school, how cool is that!And you know what, when I had my English class today, we were suppose to pass up our holiday essay and when I went to pass up mine my teacher said "I knew you did yours!".Yes, I did feel like a nerd.I wonder what he would be thinking if I didn't pass it up.Probably go hysterical,"OH NO CHLOE DIDN'T DO HER HW!" Almost half the class didn't do it,uh teacher knows too well...I should become a rebel and see what got to meet up with m friends again and eat from the tuck shop..which i know is not news worthy but I just though I tell.My photography made tea for us today(he's English) and like only 3 people drank and he was like "And I made the effoet to make some for u lot." haha..he's cool...oh just for your infomation, I don't drink tea or coffee.Give me coke any day, I'll settle for it.hehe

Calculus was fine, got my brain working again...Stats was just as boring as ever...Biology was ok i guess, I was hoping to get my topic test results back...Chemistry was relaxing, cause my teacher is lax anyway..just the way I like it :P

Anyway that's it for now, no more com games back to work!