All Things Must Come To An End

Saturday, January 31, 2009

So i'm back,back to boot camp,back to eatin less,back to school,and back to clean air.I just arrived a few hours ago,unpacked my bag,wanted to kill my laptop n wireless,sick and now blogging.

Anyway i had a great 2 months holiday(of course i wanted to stay forever),went for camps,ate all the food i love,shopped for new clothes but most of all got to hang out with my family and friends(missing u guys already).

When i arived at Malaysia,i was almost immediately invovled in the church.I helped with church Christmas decor(i helped paint the scrolls),church camp and then with Ah Mings choice(make up).Man was i busy, but i loved it better than stayin in the house on the computer.There was the Isca Awards too(where i wore a dress).

Soon after that it was Christmas, not forgetting the Carolling by Candlelight on Christmas Eve.My cousins came down to Penang and had Christmas dinner.Then it was the new year,with watchnight and the next day Worship Camp.It was awesome,had loads of fun(wish it was longer) and of course noise with our instruments.Was a great camp.There was Thern's farewell n his sending off somewhere along the way.Had a few CG gatherings too.

Had a one week break from event,so i went shoppin wif my mum.Then off to Vietnam with my dad(which i'll blog about it more later).Straight after that we headed of to KL for CNY.When for visitations,reunion dinners and hanging out wif my cuzs.loved every moment.

Came back 2 days before my flight off.Went for lunch wif my family and had a stayover the night before i left.and now i'm here back in NZ.I miss everyone back home so much.I guess the like the saying goes, you never know how much something means to you until it's true.

I start school'll upload some pics of my holiday back home next time.cya guys online!

On hold

Thursday, January 29, 2009

ok..blogging has to be put on hold now.why?cause i was busy with CNY and now i have to pack to go back to the land of the sheep.ARGH!juz the thought of it...gah!i don't wanna go but i have to.

anyway,when i settle back down over there,i 'll blog about my CNY and more about the Vietnam trip(if i'll miss u guys alot!thanks for fellowship!!cya online.

Vietnam:The Land of Motorbikes

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I was talking to Benice the other day and I told her that i was going to write about how Malaysian drivers were suicidal.After going to Vietnam, i changed my mind.The drivers here are beyond suicidal,not do they wanna die, they wanna kill

I think bikes outnumber cars like 200 to 1.I mean they're like ants,in a good and bad way.

I sat on one the other day, and OMG it's scary!They barely have any traffic rules, anyone does as they please.N crossing the road here is like a death wish!cross at your own risk.They say that over here they are responsible for anything in front of them.That means they are pros at avoiding you.I closed my eyes a few times n hoped for the best.Thankfully i was in the hands of an experienced driver.phew.

Yes i know it's a pink helmet..but i had no choice k...:P

But definately if you do go to Vietnam,i highly recommend going on the bike ride.It may scary but i was awesome!(unless u have a heart attack)It's a great experience which is thrilling and you get to see the landmarks of Vietnam.So far i've had a great time in Vietnam.I'll post more stuff on Vietnam later.(,places n people).cya ppl!


Sunday, January 18, 2009

No,it's not what you think it it.I'm not packing to go back to NZ just yet.

I'll be going to Vietnam tomorrow with my dad and pastor Lydia.It's not exactly a mission trip but more like a leadership training kinda thing.They'll be teaching the leaders over there Character First so that they can teach it to their members.

What am I going to do?i think i'm their secretary i am.i'll probably like help out.not sure how though,but somehow i also shopping n holiday-ing of course.anyway i'll b there for about 4'll b my first time going there and i think it'll b an interesting trip.hopefully i can post some pics and write a bit about it when i come back.


Guitar Connected To Electricity

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rachel:Can you play for me this sat?
Me:R u've never played in a band before.n i don't think i'm qualified.r u that deperate?
Rachel:it's time you played for a band.haha.come for practise k?i can practise with you earlier.

So thats the sms conversation I had with her a few days back(well it was longer but that's not needed).at the end i agreed,but i was nervous no doubt.i practised till my fingers burned and they still anyway for the first time i played a guitar that was connected to electricity.Rach asked if i was excited, i said every could hear me then.

but i'm thankful that i played.i got to learn a lot and gained a new thanks Rach!and thank you Daniel for helping and guiding me!so far i've been getting good feedbacks though i couldn't hear what i was playing.but at least i know i'm on the right track.

I've been playing Fred(lol.named by me bestie) the guitar for about 10 months now.i'm happy with my progress from unable to change chords to playing certain chords quite fluently now.Praise God.i guess everyone has to start from somewhere and this is a new step for again i thank the Lord for seeing me through.WOOHOO!!(my fingers still


Well hello everyone (if there is anyone who is going to read my blog), i guess this would be my second i did have a blog but i stopped after a few days.why i'm starting a new one?

1.sometimes i feel like blogging but i realize i don't have one.
2.i hav alot of free times in
3.a good place to express some view points
4.peer pressure(lol..this isn't true)

anyway if you do decided to follow my blog,don't expect it to be updated frequently.i don't think i'll be a really heart out blogger,like some people..hehe..i'm not really a writer anyway i think i'll leave you with that for now.ciao ppl.