Vietnam:The Land of Motorbikes

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I was talking to Benice the other day and I told her that i was going to write about how Malaysian drivers were suicidal.After going to Vietnam, i changed my mind.The drivers here are beyond suicidal,not do they wanna die, they wanna kill

I think bikes outnumber cars like 200 to 1.I mean they're like ants,in a good and bad way.

I sat on one the other day, and OMG it's scary!They barely have any traffic rules, anyone does as they please.N crossing the road here is like a death wish!cross at your own risk.They say that over here they are responsible for anything in front of them.That means they are pros at avoiding you.I closed my eyes a few times n hoped for the best.Thankfully i was in the hands of an experienced driver.phew.

Yes i know it's a pink helmet..but i had no choice k...:P

But definately if you do go to Vietnam,i highly recommend going on the bike ride.It may scary but i was awesome!(unless u have a heart attack)It's a great experience which is thrilling and you get to see the landmarks of Vietnam.So far i've had a great time in Vietnam.I'll post more stuff on Vietnam later.(,places n people).cya ppl!