Guitar Connected To Electricity

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rachel:Can you play for me this sat?
Me:R u've never played in a band before.n i don't think i'm qualified.r u that deperate?
Rachel:it's time you played for a band.haha.come for practise k?i can practise with you earlier.

So thats the sms conversation I had with her a few days back(well it was longer but that's not needed).at the end i agreed,but i was nervous no doubt.i practised till my fingers burned and they still anyway for the first time i played a guitar that was connected to electricity.Rach asked if i was excited, i said every could hear me then.

but i'm thankful that i played.i got to learn a lot and gained a new thanks Rach!and thank you Daniel for helping and guiding me!so far i've been getting good feedbacks though i couldn't hear what i was playing.but at least i know i'm on the right track.

I've been playing Fred(lol.named by me bestie) the guitar for about 10 months now.i'm happy with my progress from unable to change chords to playing certain chords quite fluently now.Praise God.i guess everyone has to start from somewhere and this is a new step for again i thank the Lord for seeing me through.WOOHOO!!(my fingers still