There's No Place Like Home

Sunday, December 6, 2009

So yes, I'm back in the motherland, Malaysia. That's why I haven't been blogging which is a good sign, because it means that I'm not parking my bum in front of the computer and i'm somewhere else enjoyin myself.

So far I've been out with my besties, Yvonne and Benice, which was awesome, though I think Benice was the only one shopping and she was trying to practise self control.hehehe..

I've eaten, hokkien mee, char koay teow, laksa, porridge, tai lok mee and my mum's cooking :)

I went for the teacher's children ministry retreat, even though I'm not suppose to be go wherever there is free food yah..oh and I enjoyed the telematches too :)

My sister has been stuck to me like glue, because seh can get away with some stuff that she normally can't..hahah

I am taking physics tuition during the holidays because I need to get a crash course before I start uni (some holiday) I guess it's good to learn new things everyday

I'm going to go for a BBQ today, the cg is having a farewell for Aaron, yay more food!

Oh but I've also been going to the gym, because I need to lose some

Oh well see ya guys around then, HOME SWEET HOME!