Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Last sunday I went to Motat .What is that you ask?Well is an airplane and train museum.But before we went there we had a stroll in Auckland city.And of course I had my Auckland's famous landmark.Sky Tower!
Tourist taking pictures. While we walking down the street, we saw some shooting goin on.Film shootin i mean.
Anyway we finally went to the museum.And of course what did you expect,but lots of planes and trains n vehicles.I won't post all the pics here but u can go to my facebook and check them all out.

One of the many airplanes.


One of the rides they had there.

We sat on a steam train too.
They had a "mini village"

Sat on a tramp too.

That was the conductor I think.

They had some random stuff too.Like this mirror maze.

This mirror distorts your reflection.Honestly I can't tell the

The group that went plus a few soldiers.

Remember you can view all the pic on my facebook.ciao!