My Holiday Pics

Monday, February 2, 2009

This was taken at Church camp.The girls room.
Camp again.
Taken during the first few days I was here.Hung out with my besties at Gurney.
CLEY Bbq at Thern's house with gift exchange.
ISCA Awards!

The 3 of us again.
Christmas Party at my house with my cousins from KL and the Leongs.mmm...Marshmallows
Thern's Farewell Party

Thern's last CG in our house

Christmas Eve:Carolling By Candlelight

This was after we went for the MPO(Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestre).They played the soundtrack from Lord of the Rings.

CNY!!Yee sang!

Our Traditional gambling after

Bowling with my cousins.
And of course spending time with my lil sis!