My Stats Exam

Monday, March 2, 2009

Last night I dreamt that I accidently killed my brother.ok ok.Don't freak out.I dreamt that I was hunting down a criminal,and when I was shooting him down my brother walked across the line of fire.Three shots right across his chest.Drop dead.I ran down and I couldn't believe what just happened.I ran from the scene going to a machine which could manipulate time.I've dreamt many dreams with this machine and every time i pressed it I went back in time.This time I pressed it.Nothing happened.I pressed again.Nothing.I didn't what was wrong.I could always go back but not this time.Well after that I'm not sure what happened after that but my bro didn't die and I saw him with my parents.

So you guys must be thinkin, "Chloe has gone psycho yeah." Well dreams are wacked yeah.

Well I woke up the next morning and went to school. When i reach to my first class my calculus teacher asked me why I didn't turn up for my stats exam.I asked her, "Isn't it today?" Well apparently not.Oh shit.Now I'm screwed.Anyway what's done is done.I could change time and wished that I went yesterday.I was gloomy and moody the whole day that my photography teacher was worried about me.I just told him I missed my stats exam.I was so angry with myself.My friends told it's only three credits,not attempting is better than fail.But I knew I could have gotten at least merit.could be,would been,should have, all past tense.well yeah I sound emo but then hey what's done is done.learn from it.