Life In NZ

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ahhh..the nice warm bed and the fresh cool air. I've settled down in NZ now, I must say I'm loving it. No doubt I miss my friends back home, everytime i go to church I realize that this isn't the church that I have always been too. I don't really have close friends.

I wake up, get dressed and step out to the cool air for school. Of course at this stage, I just want to crawl back under the warm covers. I roll down the car windows and feel the strong cold wind in my hair and face.Ahhh..this is NZ. I get down from the car to the throngs of students in their striped uniform slowing making their way to class. I head for mine. During lunch you sit outside under the warm sun but yet feeling the nippy cool air. You hang out with friends at your favourite spot, whether be it the math block, the english block, the tech block and especially the field. School life is bursting with life. The teachers are cool and funny, willing to help anytime.

I finish school and wait to go home. On most occasions I go out and play tennis with my friends or hav training. I have to play tennis once a week, or i'll grow really fat. Chilling out with my tennis mate in the clear NZ weather :) I like my coach too, he's fun, cool and great. I help him coach on saturdays for now and i get paid.sweet. I coach from little kids to some kids my age.hehe.At night I come how and do my home work, with my windows open to let the cool brezee in. Once in a while i play Fred the guitar.

If you've been to NZ, you would know that the shops close by 5-6pm.yes, they close at that time.So there isn't much to do after that. I think Kiwis would normally go to the club or think some of u know how it went wif my first drink). Kiwis are known to walk barefooted, cos it's clean here!lol. I think New Zealander live a pretty simple life, no worries. I like this kinda life but i think sometimes it's better to worry about something than be I enjoy play thursday night social tennis and even though it's with people older than me, I still have loads of fun. I probably see my tennis mate more than i see my church friends. Oh yes i hav my life group (cell group), a pretty fun bunch but haven't really gotten close to them yet. We meet every tuesday and hav loads of fun.

Life can be boring in NZ, but only if you want it to be. I have to say I really like it here, but i definately miss the Malaysian food. I don't have school tmr,yay!it's teacher's only day, which means on the teachers go to i am going to enjoy waking up late tmr.but come to think of it, it's the calm before the storm. I have a photography presentation on wed, chem test on thurs, and bio test on thurs n fri. so looks like i still have to study hey life isn't a bed of roses.