Tribute to Fred

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

So who is this Fred??Don't worry it's not a!It's not a guy,then what is it.It's my one and only guitar.haha.

So yeah that's good ol' Fred.Had him since last year Dec,yeah it's not that long but I started playing the guitar since March of last year.So this month will be officially one year I've been playing guitar,though not Fred

Before I played the guitar, I played the piano. I played it since kindergarten till 16, yes that long.But I never really fancied it.In fact I made a few teacher cry scary actually.Well I stopped when I went to NZ and then while I was here my cousin had 3 guitars,which he hardly ever played.And since I had so much time last year i decided to pick up the guitar.I asked my cuz to teach me,but he learned classical so it was mainly pluckin.I became more interested in strumming because of the Christian Music influence.So after that I decided to turn to Mr.You yes I learned online.You can learn almost anything online now,so take advantage of it.At the beginning,changing chords was a pain stakingly slow.Really annoying when you really want to do something but you can't.My fingers burned but thankfully it wasn't that bad.I know some girl see my fingers and said guitar is not going to be their thing.hehe.but hey no pain no gain.

So now playing the guitar for a year,no regrets.I can change to certain with ease,loving it.Played in ISCA and cg once which was good i guess.I really do wanna get better but this year I can't play as much cause of my studies but I'm going to keep on goin.Oh and how Fred got his name,was because of Benice.Not sure why Fred but I think it was sorta of a random thing that just came uo eh now my guitar is known as Fred.Go Loud PPL!