American Idol: Top 13

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yes it's back!American Idol Mania,Season 8!woohoo!For the first time it is the top 13instead of 12.The reason, because the judges couldn't make up their mind as to who to put through.There's a wide range of talent and voice this year and here are the contestants:

Adam Lambert.(one of my favs)

Alexis Grace.(Another one of my favs)

Allison Iraheta.(love her)

Anoop Desai.(also known as Anoop Dog,cool as guy)

Danny Gokey.(I think the favourite to win)

Jamine Murray.(might be the weakest girl)

Jorge Nunez.(the guy from Puerto Rico)
Kris Allen.(I think he has an average voice only)

Lil Rounds.(like any afro american singer,i think)

Matt Giraud.(interestin voice)

Megan Joy.(Joel's

Micheal Sarver.(might be the first one to go out)

Scott Maclntyre.(the visually impaired guy)

So that's the top 13 for Season 8!Will be quite an interestin year i hope eh.ciao!