Happy Birthday Von!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

That's right, it's my other besties birthday!And she's officially 18!It's none other than Yvonne Yeoh! I was joking with her about what she was going to do for her 18th birthday, and i said drinking.LOL.i'm joking ok! *whistles* but she told me that she's going on a date with wilson and benice so I guess that's cool too.hehe

So this post is dedicated to you von.I've known her for like....forever.And she is such a great friend that words cannot describe it. There are so many things I admire about her:

1.Her strong and confidant attitude. She's always determined and a perfectionist. I doubt anyone can break her.

2.She's creative. Put up your hand if you've receive a card or a bookmark from yvonne.I bet almost everyone can.She can constantly make stuff out of of scrap paper and for her birthday she always wants art materials.

3.She's thoughtful. She's one of the most sensitive girls I know, you can see her comforting others when they're down and not afraid to lend a shoulder or shed a tear.

4.She's strong in the Lord.Another person that keeps me in check, no fooling around her.hehe.but it's always for the best of that person.

5.She also loves me for who I am. Just like Benice she puts up with me and my antics. So thankful for that!

I remember the time when von and I were juniors in isca at the old church building.After ISCA we would walk to maxims (and not join the others at Fatty Lohs lol) and eat there.Just the two of us.We've done so many things together,camps,hiking,studyin(I think we did.lol),and of course hanging out.And even though we've been through some hardship in our relationship, we've have managed to get past through it.I'm so thankful for this gal, I'm so blessed to have a loyal friend that sometimes I don't think I deserve. Though I'm not the experessive type, she always knows that I love her.So von continue to rock for Jesus and Happy Birthday!Love you lots!

A note she gave to me before I left.Cool eh von.hehe