Holidays are Around the Corner

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Yup it's going to be the holidays again.WOOHOO!though I'm not very sure why I'm so happy,other than the fact I can sleep in.The holidays here can't be quite(very)boring but this time I plan to do something different.I shall walk to the seriously I am.haha.I've got school work to do anyway,so I'll just walk down since I don't have a car.I probably go and hang out in browns bay for awhile and meet up with one of my friends.And also the usual,of more tennis playing but I definately have more work to do this holiday.So it's not all fun and games for me.Oh and I've been a reality tv junkie these few months,just finished watching all the seasons of ANTM(America's Next Top Model) and now I'm starting on Survivor and on my 5th that's life for me i guess.I wish I could go back to Penang though,but it's only a 2 week break so not worth it.That's it for now guys,cya!