Crazy Hair Day at Tennis

Friday, October 16, 2009

During the holidays I helped out with the holiday program again. My coach decided to have a crazy hair day on the last day. Not all the kids did something to their hair, but if they wanted too they couldn't. Kinda like a competition

That kid has paint in his hair.lolThat's the other helper.His name is Riaan(for some of you,something might click :P)Do not be fooled by his cute was the hardest kid to
Looks like he's saying, "I'm so gangster bro" hahaThen we gave some prizes away. That's my coach there. Here are the canditates to win the crazy haird day prize.
We got some wigs too
And colouring
These are the winners.Couldn't decided on one
So what's nexts?Guess what they're raising they're hands for....
Lolly scramble!lol.Yes we throw the sweets,they catch em. We do this every last day of the Holiday Program.
Watch them go!
Riaan again.
Amazing what kids do for candy.
That's the end of the day.Ciao!