Last 2 Days in School (Part 2)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Here is part 2! These are the other things we do during the last few days of school:

Another Stats class joined with our to have a shared lunch

Signing shirts were a common sight

My stats friend, Esta.Don't ask what we're

The girls I sit with during all my morning teas and lunch breaks

My two closest friends in school, Marissa and Renee. We're quite a diverse three, Marissa is South African, Renee is Australian and I'm Malaysian.haha. We always joke about that we're not form NZ

Something else we do are pranks!haha.This guy is wet and just threw water balloons.
Then we had our Year 13 assembly which was quite rowdy.
We had some speeches and a dance.
Well as you can see things got quite out of hand. Everyone wanted to join the dance, we ended out having a rave.LOL
Well I thought I end it with my Photography class.hehe
And that was what happened during the last few days of school. I am going to miss the routine but not much. I think I will miss my teachers more than the I had a great year :)