My Last 2 Days of School (Part1)

Monday, November 9, 2009

So I can't believe that I've been in Long Bay College for 2 years already!Wow!Imagine that. I really did have a fun time, high school was pretty cool. But because I only came during the last 2 years it was quite hard to fit into the cliques that were already made. But don't get me wrong high school was awesome! These are some pictures I took on the lst 2 days of school:

My Biology class

My calculus class. These 2 girls (Byrony and Kirstin) sit in front of me, they're pretty crazy (understatement lol)
My Calculus Buddy,Judy!
As you can see, I don't really join in the craziness LOL
Judy "angrily" tearing up her calculus work
Calculus buddies
LOL. This is Jeff. Yes he is sleeping on the floor. I think he got voted most likely to be infamous.Seriously.
My photography mate, Emma. She was one of my first friends in LBC
Chemistry Class
The smart people lol (Stacey and Jess)
My Korean friend, Ji Yun, only got to know her this year
This is what we do in chem.haha.
My Chem Buddy, Steven
Another of my photography friends, Maria
Renee,my photography buddy!Closest Friend too.Though she was a bit wasted when she came to school today lol
Go us!

Watch out for part 2! More photos! Miss you guys!