Tuesday, April 21, 2009

*Girls start to scream*

Yes, I read the international best seller Twilight.I know some girls who are crazy about the Twilight series so i decided to read it,also because I haven't read a book since who knows and like I mentioned in my previous post,this is probably the first romance novel I'm reading.To me romance novels are pretty much cliche,the relationship between the boy and the girl.Where else can it go,twilight on the other hand is a vampire love story,now that might be a bit more interestin.Also there's action in it too.hehe.

Anyway when i read the book I realized why girls fell head over heels for this book,Edward Cullen *girls start to go crazy,foam in the mouth then faint*.Yes I have to admit, he must be drop dead gorgeous.The way he is described he must have the face of an angle and a body of a super model.*whistles*.Not only that, he's a gentleman, a really handsome gentleman.Yes i also am falling for him but not as much as some people i know.ehem.I mean he is the DREAM GUY,who in the right mind would not like this out of this world person.What is I really like about Edward is his protectiveness and'm no romantic person,but a romantic person like him,gah!super sweet!Oh one thing I don't like about Edward is that,he is cold,physically cold.I don't think I would want my boyfriend the hav the texture of a marble statue.Imagine hugging a cold and hard figure.bleh.All I can say Bella is one really lucky girl.But then that's why i don't really fancy romance novel,it's like a fairytale ending isn't it.More fiction than fiction.Every girls dream,but not real.Reading these kinda books make you realize that happy endings are somtimes not attainable.

Ok now i shall comment on the movie.I didn't watch the whole movie,just the beginning and some of the interestin parts.Major let down for me I think.

First of all,the thing i hate the most about the movie, Bella Swan.GAH!Please help me, and change the girl.For goodness sake,I think children can act better than her.No emotions,no nothing.Second,Robert Pattinson,um not exactly the Edward Cullen I had imagine.Ok i can kinda see why he was casted.He looks like vampire,has an angular face,naturally pale,flawless skin and great body.I think he has a nice body but the face isn't exactly attractive.He isn't as romantic in the movie as in the book,which was a bit dissapointing.The relationship between Bella and Edward in the movie isn't really convicing I think.Doesn't do the book justice.The person I like the most in the movie is Alice!I think she looks really pretty and sweet at the same time.Kinda how i imagine her.My favourite character in the movie.

Anyway,I have started reading the 2nd book,New Moon, which is depressing already in the beginning.Edward leaves much for "they will live happily ever after".lol.but i know the ending so.hehe.When you read these kinda books, you wish so hard (especially a girl) to have your relationship just like that. I suppose it would be like that when u meet Mr. Right, until then I guess we just have to keep hoping for a guy like Edward Cullen.