12 am

Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's 12 am now, bored at of my mind. I've got an exam on monday, which I think I'm goin to fail. I've got no motivation to do anything.Nothing.I'm almost going to be emo,oh wait I am emo.lol.jks. I've been sitting in my room watchin ANTM (America's Next Top Model), yeah I know almost wasting my life away. The most exciting thing in my room is my photo montage, which I'm pretty proud of.Like a piece of art. Past few nights I go to slp late, but don't feel like sleeping. I'm always hungry, but I'm going to grow fat. I just wanna lose weight and still eat. I need a holiday!I know I just had one, but I mean out of this house holiday. I am so over staying here, I rather live with my parents definately.People say get a life, I say what is life?I'm just drained in every way.I was taking pictures of my room just now, with my lamp to give that soft yellow light. It's for my project about my identity in New Zealand. So I took my space, my room especially. The absence of people and the yellow light emphasises solitude. Hopefully I can pull it of. I'm hungry now.

I think you guys who are reading must be getting depressed.But hey everyone has their down moments.This is mine.