If you could know your whole future...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So I was thinking the other, what if you could know your whole future?And I mean for this very moment to your last breath. Yeah I don't mind seeing my future, like 20 years from now. Who I'll be with or whether I'll be with anyone.What my job will be or will I be a bum.lol.What I'll look like and whether I'll suddenly become girly. If I do get married, who'll be my husband, what will my kids be like?Will be staying in NZ or back in Malaysia or same where halfway across the earth?I would like the know so many things, then maybe just maybe I wouldn't need to worry so much. But the one thing I would definately not want to know, is the day I die. I think that will be so horrible.When my time comes, let it come but I wouldn't never want to live with the knowledge of when i'll leave this earth.

So I guess I would not like to know my whole future.Just far enough to make me happy.lol.

ps.Just a random post