New Moon

Friday, May 1, 2009

So I finished New Moon sometime ago but I only came to blog about it now.Oh well.Ok, I don't exactly fancy it because it's a bit draggy for me.Like Bella's over dramatic pain she feel after Edward left her and how Jacob came to fill that void but never matched up to Edward.I mean it's all about her suffering and the only exciting part for me was when they went to save Edward from the Volturri.Of course after that he comes back to her and then Jacob get jealous and bla bla bla....Jacob starts to annoy me now, I guess it's because of his childish attitude towards Bella and Edward but I guess he can't help it. Anyway I guess there is a bit of realism in the book, meaning that Bella can't please the both of them at the same time and thus the tension. You can't please everyone anyway. That's something that annoys me but it's true. Because of this realism, there really isn't a happy ending and therefore would frustrate some people.I'm beginning to think that we always look for the 'happily ever after" too much.

Overall,I prefer Twilight way better and I'll see what Eclipse will bring.