Mother's Day

Sunday, May 10, 2009

So it was mumsie day yesterday, unfortunately I couldn't celebreate it with my mum for obvious reasons. That sucked. Anyway I sent my mum a text, which of course she deserved something more than just a 50 cent text message for NZ. Of course people say it's the thought that counts, so it wouldn't matter if I thought about it on Christmas?lol.I'm just crappin' :P

I only realised how much my mum means to mean the past few years. You know, when you're younger you always wished that you had different parents or was borned in a different family. Me, definately GUILTY!haha.But then as you grow older, you realise a whole different bunch of things. It's like you're to speak. I definately would not want any other mother, or parents for that matter, in the world. Man, after you live away from your family, you'll know how much they mean to you.

Especially mums, and since I'm a girl, I can connect with her better.My mum is one of the most thoughtful, creative,caring, wise and beautiful person I've ever known. She's like my best friend and I look forward to talking to her online. I cannot express how much my mum means to me in words. Words fail me here. I always tell myself that if or whenever I become a mum, I wanna be just like her.Sure my kids might not like me while they're growing up but at least I know they'll appreciate me in the end, like me

I'll end it by saying, "I LOVE YOU MUM!!".no matter what.