What I'm Feeling Now

Monday, May 4, 2009

Ok I'm just blogging whatever comes to my mind for these few minutes.

I'm super duper tired from tennis yesterday, was on the courts from 11am to 5 pm..eyes hurt like crap..but i had one of the best games ever and one of the worst..lol..

I just ate chocolate,cadbury to be precise and was it delicious!mmmm.....i want more...

School was fine today except that my chemistry partner was a bit of a klutz today.kept spilling chemicals everywhere and poisonous ones too!gah..

I'm reading Othello in English class.and today my teacher decided to be Othello and my girl friend was Desdemona.Man was it akward and funny.lol.my teacher couldn't get what we were laughing at.

I've got a calculus test on thurs.oh crap,i just remembered I have to study for it.And a stats rest on friday.yay....

Sometimes doing homework is the most exciting part of my life.man I sound emo..lol

I think Eclipse is better than New Moon.Blog about that one later.

I'm facinated about how objects are reflected of the surface of the water.Just look at a puddle to see whats above you.

I'm playing Restaurant City on facebook where you own a restaurant and hire your friends to run it.lol.it's fun but i don't really see the point.but who cares it's my chill down time man.

I'm also doin photography work at the same time.Annotating and analysing them.

I really wanna talk to my parents now.and I wanna see my new house.I wish they were here.

One of my friends in school that I hang out with does drugs(oh wait tons of people do it T.T),yes and she's so open about it..gah but she's also like one of the friendliest persons in school.

New Zealand's Next Top Model isn't that great.I can only really see one or two having a chance at it.The rest suck.

I don't really mind who wins American Idol.They're all good to me.

My tennis friend just broke up with her boyfriend.And now she's telling me not to get into a relationship unless you wanna get married.I told her that's why I'm single.

I wish I had an idea for my next photography assigments and my end of the year one.O.O.

I'm not really looking forward to leading word tomorrow in Cell Group.

I feel like eating ice cream too now.lol.I want to eat everything any not grow fat.dream hard girl.

I seriously have nothing to blog about actually.lol.I think I should get some sleep.