Monday, May 18, 2009

So, I actually finished this book like a week ago but i forgot to blog about it. Well better late then never, yeah, then again, it's just a

Anyway, first of all, I think it's better than New Moon. Bella gets back with Edward, so she isn't whiny anymore and Jacob is a bit more matured. 2nd, Edward appears more ofcourse!lol.Twilight is all about Edward and nobody else but Edward. There's also more action in this book, with the vampires and werewolves joining up to fight the newborn vampires.One thing I didn't like, is that Bella was quite insistant on "doing it" with Edward. I'm thankful Edward asked her to marry him first, teaches about abstinence.Not like anyone does this anymore anyway.

Now girls are talking about team Jacob and team Edward. Who do you root for?Personally, in the book, 100% team Edward!but in really life team Jacob, or should I say team Taylor man!haha.Way better lookin then Robert, I'm sure most girls will agree with me though I have to say that Robert is good looking to some extent.I can almost say he is an "acquired taste".lol.
So now I'm waiting for Breaking Dawn, which will tie up all the loose ends. Bella getting to married to Edward, Bella becoming pregnant,Jacob falling in love with their daughter (info from Connie :P), and what nots. We'll stay tuned for more the last book, after I read it.ciao!